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Audictive is an engineering consultant in media-technology with a strong focus in the audio sector.
We offer outstanding analog audio cables as well as sound-related development consulting for your projects.

We are renewing our webshop at the moment. Please contact us at to buy our cables in the meantime

News from the world of Audictive:

A new variation of backbone cable!

Gadget lovers, there’s a new backbone cable designed for your needs – the Audictive backbone 2:1.

Audictive backone 2:1

It is equipped with a gold-plated 3.5mm jack on one side and two rugged gold-plated RCA connectors on the other side in order to meet the challenges of your mobile life!

Moderne Kunst

The designer of the Audictive typography – RenĂ© Vogelsinger – has relaunched his website. Prepare for some mind blowing pieces of art !