Audio cables

The Audictive high-end cable solutions have been developed with the intention to move along the limits of best sound in the field of analog audio-wiring.

We have developed a range of signal cables that have as little influence as possible on the subtle music signal. Our cables make the finest stereoscopic shades audio-visual which so far have gone lost on their way to the speakers. Audictive-cables are optimized uncompromisingly for their particular application. We combine high-quality materials with convincing cable design in a ground-breaking way.

We are renewing our webshop at the moment. Please contact us at to buy our cables in the meantime

Phonogasm Logo

The Phonogasm speaker cables are designed to be the ultimate high-end solution to ensure a prefect signal transfer from to amplifier towards the speakers.

The Phonogasm speaker cable-system is consisting of two different cables that were each optimized for another frequency range. They complement one another perfectly in the bi-wiring or bi-amping mode and provide an adjustment on to the listener’s hearing taste in the single wiring mode by their generally different sound alignments.

backbone Logo

The backbone cables connect your sources. They are designed to suite the home user as superb as the professional studio and are available with RCA-, XLR- or 6.35mm plug jack.

The backbone small-signal cables are usable both symmetric and asymmetric to work with only one high-quality type of cable even in mixed ambiences, such as for example in a recording studio. The result is a more homogeneous sound impression of different signal sources.

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