Ein Blick in die Zukunft

It was a long and bumpy development, but now, all components have been approved through countless hours of listening to music, the design is finalized and we feel it is time now, to show what Audictive will bring to the audiophile world in 2019.

We totally reworked every part of our System 1 to build the ultimate highend speaker.

We lost a gram of moving mass on the already great broadband speaker to unveil even the tiniest sound buried deep in the music.

We made the bass driver smaller, so that it can follow the notes of a fast-played contrabass with ease and incredible precision. Then we added some more of these quick bass drivers, to make sure you can also enjoy dubstep and drum’n’bass.

We optimized the components of the active cross-over to bring you more details and more warmth.

We decided to give each speaker chassis its own amplifier, just to make sure it is in perfect control.

And we gave the speaker a XLR input, to give you the freedom to drive it with long cables without having to worry about signal integrity.

To sum up – we have done everything we could imagine at the moment to bring highend audio to a new level!

Stay tuned for more details later this year and enjoy some sweet music meanwhile!

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