FlacShlonz is a comparison tool for music libraries in FLAC format. It compares two directories with music files and analyses the meta-data of every file.

At first FlacShlonz asks for the “Music Collection”, that’s the directory in which new files should be copied into. The directory is scanned and the information from every FLAC-file is written to a database.

Afterwards FlacShlonz asks for the “Incoming File Path”, that’s the directory from which files should be copied into the “Music Collection”. This directory is also scanned and stored in the database.

After indexing a view of the “Music Collection” is displayed on the left side of the screen. In the middle the meta-data of a clicked file is shown. On the right side the differences between the “Music Collection” and the “Incoming” directory are listed.

FlacShlonz offers four filter views for the differences between “Music Collection” and “Incoming” directory. The filter views can be switched on the right side above the result list:

Tracks you don’t have
All FLAC files where neither the file-name nor the audio-content are present in the “Music Collection”

Tracks you own, but with different metadata
FLAC files which audio-content exists in the “Music Collection”, but with different meta-data.
(e.g. year, genre, artist name, etc.)

Tracks you seem to have with different filename
FLAC files which audio-content exists in the “Music Collection”, but the file-name differs.
(e.g. lalala.flac in the “Music collection” but lalala1.flac in “Incoming”)

Tracks you maybe have, but in a different named folder
Files which audio-content exists in the “Music Collection”, but the name of the folder containing the files is different.
(e.g. /Hypnotoad – AllGlory in “Music Collection” but /Hypnotoad – Obey Hypnotoad in “Incoming”)

Just mark the desired files in the particular filter view and choose where to copy them by right mouse button. The “Music Collection” is up-to-date now!

FlacShlonz is free, Open Source and a project of music lovers.

Beta version!


Please read the Readme_Linux.txt file and install the mentioned components!

Mac: coming soon

Source code: https://github.com/TimSusa/flacshlonz.git

It’s a beta version, hence: Use at your own risk!

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