During this project, a two-storied penthouse with an additional roof terrace has been fitted with a central-feeded sound system.

In the living room, the whole equipment pool has been integrated into a closet and therefore is invisible at first sight. The living room system, an old stereo in the first floor, the bathroom in the first floor and the two audio systems for the roof terrace and roof pavilion get their signals from there.

The living room setup consists of two rotatable active loudspeakers and a dipole subwoofer. Because of its special design, the subwoofer enclosure is almost free from vibrations allowing to use it as a couch side table.
Several listening positions have been defined in the room including optimal correction of the signal run-time. After turning the speakers to the chosen listening position, only the corresponding preset has to be activated in order to get a perfect stereo image.

The loudspeakers on the roof-area and the bathroom are completely independent from each other in terms of signal source or volume.

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