Peter Bäcker LIVE

The silver bead of sweat of art – Peter Bäcker is touring the whole world as an artist doing a DJ performance.
His instrument: An old suitcase sound system modified by Audictive to fit his special needs.

The turntable of the Sanyo solid state stereo music system GN-2615 is the heart of his performances. 80ies mainstream pop hits on 7“ vinyl singles, the skintight silver-suit and Peter Bäckers intense dancing put a smile into people’s faces worldwide – whether on public places, in bars or during art events.

The performance artist and DJ Peter Bäcker wears himself out with his persona Peter Bäcker LIVE. He’s creating amazement, animation and irritation “In everybody and everything there is a Peter Bäcker LIVE. And he-she-it wants to play!”

The sound system has been fitted with modern Lithium-Ion cells by Audictive. An external amplifier and efficient broadband speakers guarantee a smooth detailed sound while keeping the weight down. Additional in- and outputs along with a superb wiring of the new components combine the fascination of vintage hi-fi sound with the possibilities of today.

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