The listener enjoys a concert together with the orchestra in the superior atmosphere of an opera house or he sweats together with the musicians in the sticky air of a run-down club.

These different sensations join with music and evoke emotions in the brain of the listener.
The musical experience affects everyone quite individually.

During playback of a recording, the non-acoustic elements are not provided. Now, only the sense of hearing has the job to impart the listener an emotional, thrilling experience.

The more detailed and pure the sound of a hifi-system, the more information receives the brain to develop the atmosphere included in the recording in the mind of the listener.

It is overwhelming to have the impression of a complete band on stage in your own living room. This one-of-a-kind musical revelation implies addictiveness!

The desire for emotional thrilling sound is the incentive of Audictive and justifies the high demand on our audiophiliac products. We are always trying to push the frontier further, just for this moment of pure musical happiness.

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