Premium audio cables

Audictive cables bring the finest sound details to life. Voices, instruments and the room of the recording situation are depicted precisely and vividly – music in its full beauty!

The mechanical sturdy analoge audio cables innovativly combine high-grade materials with convincing cable design to an exquisit musical experience.

Audictive cables are partly manufactured by hand in Berlin. Cable technologies can therefore be flexibly adapted and optimized for almost any application, even for individual items.

Audictive creates your personal audio cabel – in exactly the lenght you need with the appropriate connectors for your application purpose.

Signal cable backbone

Audictive backbone cable with RCA connectors

The backbone is a universally applicable premium hifi signal cable fitting all audiophile situations.

It allows a fast, crisp sound characteristic with a fine resolved high-range and detailed illustration.

The backbone cable consists of three silver-plated stranded wires with 0,6mm² in a twisted arrangement, each covered by a thin PTFE insulation.

The silver coating ensures optimum transmission of the high frequency components. The thin high-grade insulation layer minimizes storage effects in the insulation thereby preventing degradation of the subtle music signals.

A braid of fine copper wires shields the signal against external influences. The shield is only connected on the source side and thus not involved in the signal transport.

The different connector types can be combined on one cable as needed.

Audictive backbone with RCA connectors

RCA connector, silver-plated with PTFE insulation

Employed as an unbalanced RCA cable, the backbone is an excellent small signal wiring for use at the home hifi system.

Audictive backbone with XLR connectors

XLR plug or socket, silver-plated contacts

In balanced configuration with XLR connectors, the backbone releases undreamt-of sound reserves in music productions, e.g. as a microphone cable. Active speakers reward the use of a backbone cable in the feed line with a vivid and detailed sound image.

Audictive backbone with 6.3mm jack plug mono & stereo

6.3mm jack plug, mono or stereo, gold-plated contacts

Equipped with 1/4″ jack plugs, the backbone transforms to an unbalanced or balanced instrument cable for elaborate studio recordings and improves the audibility of fine nuances.

Audictive backbone 2:1 cable with 3.5mm jack plug & RCA connectors

3.5mm jack plug stereo, gold-plated contacts

The backbone 2:1 is a tonal high-class connection between tablets, smartphone or Laptops and a hifi system.

For this purpose, a backbone cable is split on one side and routed to two connectors. The backbone 2:1 can be assembled in stereo or mono (Y-cable) configuration

    Signal cable backbone silk

    Audictive backbone silk cable with RCA connectors

    The backbone silk is an absolute top-class high-end audio signal cable. Musical enjoyment on the highest tonal level!

    The ear gets caressed with a lifelike, detailed and very three-dimensional sound characteristic, without any disturbing harshness.

    The backbone silk combines the proven design of the backbone signal cable with the incredibly sounding neutral AudicTex insulation.

    The AudicTex insulation allows to get very close to the ideal insulation of a free air wiring with naked wires, while being able to combine the electric safety of a normal cable with the signal protection of a shielding.

    Three silver-plated stranded conductors with 0,6mm² in a braided configuration are each sheathed by a special combination of insulation materials.

    The shield is only connected to the source side, where together with the optimized outer insulation they protect the signal against external influences.

    The different connector types can be combined on one cable as needed.

    Audictive backbone silk with RCA connectors

    RCA connector, silver-plated contacts with PTFE insulation, solder-free screw contacts

    The backbone silk is a breathtakingly great high-end RCA cable, that does not fear competition. With this cable, even the very finest tonal nuances master their way to the amplifier unharmed.

    Audictive backbone silk with XLR connectors

    XLR plug or socket, silver-plated contacts

    Fitted with XLR connectors, the backbone silk is an outstanding balanced high-end cable solution for top quality power amplifiers, active speakers or for the best microphone in the studio.

    Audictive backbone silk phono turntable signal cable

    5pin Din socket for turntable

    The backbone silk phono is the ultimate output cable for absolute top-class turntables.

    Two silver-plated stranded wires with 0,6mm² in a shielded twisted pair configuration is used per channel. The shield also serves ground transmission from the turntable.

    In RCA configuration shield is attached to the phono preamp or amplifier ground via cable with gold-plated M6 forked cable lug.

    In XLR configuration shield is joined via the connector.

    Review of Audictive backbone silk phono cable in German LP magazine 04/2023

    LP magazine Germany 04/2023

    „The Audictive backbone silk is a cable with personality. If there are details to reveal, it will find them and serve them charming and emphasized fine chiseled“

    „[…]a cable that is audiophile in the best sense“

    Sorry, the review is only available in German.