The listener may enjoy a concert together with the orchestra in the sublime atmosphere of an opera house or sweating together with the musicians in the sticky air of a run-down club.

These different sensations and impressions join with music and evoke emotions in the brain of the listener. The musical experience affects everyone quite individually.

During playback of a recording, the experienced non-acoustic elements are missing. Now, only the sense of hearing has the job to impart the listener an emotional, moving experience.

The more detailed and pure the sound coming from a hifi-system, the more information the brain receives to re-construct the recording’s contained atmosphere for the listener’s mind.

It may be overwhelming to have the impression of a band on stage in your own living room. This one of a kind musical elevation harbours addictiveness!

Audictive’s incentive is it’s desire for emotional thrilling sound, those moments of pure musical happiness and to push the borders. This is the reason for which we set high standards for our audiophile products.

This striving for the ultimate goose bumps and free floating in the sound experience, motivates us to evaluate each project and see if it can be made and done a little bit better.

Sebastian Kreusler, owner